B&B Applied Technologies is dedicated to helping its clients and partners harness the substantial benefits of emerging computer technologies - intelligent mobile platforms, disruptive innovation, and software developers who share a spirit of excitement about what can be accomplished working together in an environment of intrinsically collaborative functionality - "The Cloud".

After decades of industry focus on stand-alone and off-the-shelf software products designed to break through the technology limitation of the day, a new business opportunity has emerged that leverages the rapidly growing market of powerful software, infrastructure, and data services becoming available daily in the cloud.

As the focus on technology for technology's sake ebbs, the opportunity for those who can imagine and realize the game-changing possibilities already inherent in today's technology swells.

Sean V. Baker

An entrepreneurial technologist dedicated to finding better ways to implement, maintain, and continually improve software- from eCommerce and product catalog management to business process automation and complex custom financial accounting systems.

Since the first web sites came on line, I have been fascinated with the browser-as-platform paradigm. Now with HTML5, Ajax, and new trends being set and fostered by the likes of Google and Apple, the future of elegant and manageable software development is congealing: elegantly scripted and styled user interfaces, light service-oriented data interfacing, and a vast array of valuable services just a call away in the cloud. The best solutions now offer a level of lightness and malleability that may seem counterintuitive to legacy developers. How can something so powerful be so simple? It's the new approach...

Peter H. Baumann

A seasoned business and IT professional with more than 25 years of experience providing clients with custom-built and commercially available business process automation solutions; industry experience includes: Control Valve Manufacturing, Higher Education, Energy Generation, Electric and Gas Utilities; business function experience includes: Student Information, Document Management, SCADA, Regulatory Compliance, Operations, Accounting, and Administration.

The keys to success are focusing on clear, concise client communication, assembling the right team, getting commitment towards collaboration, and paying attention to the details. By thoroughly understanding our client's situation and bringing broad business experience to the table, we have been able to consistently architect and deliver successful solutions.